After completing her B.A.A. in Toronto, VIdya graduated with honors from Humber College's Technical Writing program and Centennial College's Web Design program.

Her expertise in content writing, information architecture, photography, web design/layout and graphic design is complemented by her skills in technical writing. This includes her ability to take complex and technical information and present it in a way that meets the audience's expectations. Vidya's forte is writing clear, clean product and procedural information, working directly with technical experts, such as engineers, physicians, or even a company's Privacy Commissioner when it comes to "plain language" confidentiality guidelines. Oftentimes, chasing down experts can be part of the challenge!

The benefits of understandable, accurate and intuitive information can mean the difference between a company successfully passing an external audit and maintaining their ISO standing, versus losing their standing due to inaccurate or missing documentation.

Clean technical writing and information graphics can also have an immeasurable impact on audiences such as a company's front line who have to follow well written procedures and product information when dealing with clients. These audiences can range from:

  • front line claims handlers dealing with clients who have had a house fire;
  • telephone banking reps explaining the finer points of a Visa card product to a potential client;
  • physicians making OHIP Fee Schedule decisions;
  • auto body shop mechanics handing repairs or appraisals, to
  • meteorologists involved with upper air weather forecasting for pilots.

As a technical and corporate communicator, VIdya has also written user manuals and reference guides, created online document libraries, product bulletins, newsletters, corporate announcements on intranets, executive bios and so on.