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Collaborating with OMA physicians on this non profit initiative, Vidya and her client started with just an
idea and some brainstorming. Designing a simple, small website layout with minimal scrolling,
she used powerful images and textoverlays to create meaningful messaging using the words of
old world philosophers and personal quotes.

This site is live at

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Vidya created a site that was open to over 25,000 Ontario doctors. She successfully analysed and redesigned
the site,working with then Section Chair Dr. Stewart Kennedy (OMA President) and outside vendors.

In addition, over a two year period she:

  • Rewrote and refreshed all existing data from the old platform.
  • Assessed needs and implemented and identified necessary changes to the existing site. 
  • Sourced new graphics to reflect page contents, with appropriate infographics and links.
  • Maintained the site, liaising with the Ontario Medical Association's "GP Section".



This gallery showcases some of the web architecture Vidya created in order to classify groupings of paintings
into unique categories. She worked with the artist to determine the sequence, style, tone, typography and
descriptions of all content. Using thumbnails, she was able to create a smooth and consistent interface between
all of the product lines.

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Vidya volunteered in the development of a website for a major Toronto charity, the Toronto Volunteer Bridge, in
collaboration with Sequentia Communications.  She developed unique banners for each page to suit content,
leveraging images from a photo library of events with text overlays and quotes from participants.

This created an inviting and encouraging look and feel for a site that fosters volunteerism in the community.

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Brook Crompon is a leading manufacturer of electronic motors for the global industrial market. Meeting with their
executive and looking at their current marketing material, existing website and other promotional material, Vidya
decided to use key product blueprints from an annual report to craft a new banner and tagline - renewing the web
presence and branding of this company in context with its main products. Site is live, at

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