This is the portfolio gallery of Vidya Sawh.

Based in Toronto, Vidya is a seasoned Content & Technical Writer with a flare for design and copy writing. She holds a BAA in Nutrition, Food & Consumer Studies, a Technical Writing (Honours) certificate from Humber College and a Web Design & Development certificate from Centennial's Centre for Creative Communications.

Her work for clients in the healthcare industry includes organizations from the OMA to the MOHLTC, the Hospital for Sick Children's Foundation, the Section of General and Family Practice of Ontario and more.

Vidya's talent for taking raw information from print or from an interview and transforming it into easily digestible content for a targeted audience, is one her key strengths.

She is able to seek out information, collaborate with corporate departments, VPs and SMEs, write the information and finally to present it in a manner which is pleasing to the eye. Vidya employs her expertise with Sharepoint document libraries and graphic design to create just the right mix of information with graphics, banners, branding and typography for any page she or her team has built.

From procedural technical writing, developing the content management system in which to house it and coordinating French translations, she is able to work with diverse groups from either the corporate headquarters or the quiet of her home office. Over the last two years Vidya built a Sharepoint e-library with hundreds of procedure bulletins and documents - in English & French - thereby 'audit-proofing' her client.

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